CNC turning

Disc type components

It is characterized by large diameter, smaller protrusion, parallelism and hole tolerances.

Fitted pins
shaft type parts

Smaller diameter, larger protrusion, radial impact and outside diameter tolerances are the main features.

Chuck adapters and drawbars

Tubular components for chucking system operation.
CNC turned parts in small and large volume

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CNC turned components

Thanks to PWX’s considerable experience in this field, difficult-to-cut materials, complex geometries or tight tolerances can also be made according to the customer’s requirements.

CNC machines with automated bar feeders produce predictable, stable and highly efficient production in series production.

An important aspect of selecting machines was to be best suited to do precise work. This is complemented by the support of the shaft-type workpieces with a saddle, which guarantees vibration-free machining, thus a perfect size and surface.

On our CNC lathe equipped with a driven tool, face holes that are not in the center of rotation, or side holes and flat surfaces can also be made without additional clamping.

We have chosen a CNC controller for our machines, with which our professionals working in the plant can provide the fastest possible, maximum added value to the parts manufactured by us for our customers.

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