High precision

Strictly tolerated, typically rotating, adaptive, heavy-duty plug-ins.

Measuring device parts

Assemblies to increase the speed, accuracy or repeatability of a measurement.

Chuck adapters and accessories

Disc – type parts for holding lathe devices like chucks, collet chucks and mandrels.

Grinded parts in small and large volume

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Grinding is a surefire way to achieve the most stringent dimensional, position and geometry tolerances.

In order to work on the surface, parallelism or perpendicularity of our components or devices made for our customers or ourselves, we use surface grinding.

This process can be used to machine hardened tool steels and tool sheets. By grinding, even fine sliding surfaces can be created, according to the requirements of the designed construction.

We finish the rotationally symmetrical parts and shafts even in the hardened state, and the design of the bearing points with a mantle grinder.
With this expensive and time-consuming manufacturing process, we deliver the highest level of manufacturing quality to our business partners, honoring their expectations.

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