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Prototyping custom and small series production, with unconditional guidance of functionality, aesthetics and technical excellence…

Established in 2019...
About Us

In 10 years of CNC machining, it is just enough to face the challenges of the future with a solid professional foundation, and it is just not enough to develop a bad adherence to habits that hinder development. Affinity, motivation, professional humility characterize this team, who is hungry for any challenge to professional success.

lapkás cnc maró 3D marás közben
CNC is our passion


Engineering Design

Product manufacturing or automation solution design – tailored to customers.

Projekt Management

We will deliver your project to the bed of feasibility as a working technical solution

Metal part Prototyping

We offer flexible collaboration in prototype production.

Part Manufacturing

The core of the operation of PWX Ltd. Our customers’ ideas are realized in a well-organized, transparent, clean production environment, on modern CNC lathes, on CNC machining centers and on CNC grinders. You can count on our expertise in machining steel, stainless steel, aluminum and engineering plastics.

Quality control

Focus on quality

Measurement technology

In our accredited measuring laboratory, we measure not only our own, but also our customers’ parts and measuring instruments. For this we have a five-axis coordinate measuring machine, a multisensor optical measuring machine and a 3D measuring arm, as well as a laser scanner.
akira seiki függőleges cnc marógép


2.5-3D milling and drilling processes performed by trained professionals on a 4-axis CNC machine tool even in difficult-to-cut materials.

takisawa cnc machine


High-tech machines and excellent expertise ensure the impeccability of rotationally symmetrical parts made on our CNC lathes.

hagyományos eszterga gép


If only a few parts needed we perform cutting on our traditional machines based on outstanding professional knowledge.

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