Metrology solutions

Instrument calibration

We calibrate the measuring instruments of your plant to ensure error-free production and maximum customer satisfaction.

3D Coordinate measurement

In our measuring laboratory, we check our own and our customers’ parts with an accredited simultaneous five-axis coordinate measuring machine.

Multisensor measurement

Measurements of sensitive materials and physically inaccessible geometries are completed on a multisensor optical measuring machine.

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Measuring laboratory services

Measurement and consistent inspection are the basis of manufacturing accuracy and a condition of customer satisfaction.

PWX considers its operational measuring instruments as the most important accessories for production. The production documents include measurement records kept at different stages of production. To this end, we provide our colleagues with certified, professionally managed and regularly inspected tools, who work with them conscientiously according to the importance of the measurement process.

We have an accredited measuring laboratory to perform measurements that require laboratory conditions, which also performs payroll and verification tasks.

Coordinate measuring machine
With our Micro 3D type, 600 x 1000 x 500 axis stroke simultaneous five-axis measuring machine, we can measure the part to be measured with extreme speed and accuracy. The possibility of tilting the head reduces the time required for measurement, and measurements from the same direction allow the probe to always deviate with the same force. Thus, the accuracy of the measurement also increases substantially.
The ability to rotate the workpiece coordinate system allows the part to be placed anywhere on the workbench, so preparation of the measurement takes minimal time.
The stepless probe head has no inaccessible, inaccessible geometry to be measured.
Fast and accurate programming and use of the device is ensured by the Renishaw Modus software.

Multisensor optical measuring machine
We can also measure hard-to-reach places that are inaccessible with the stylus, vulnerable parts and micro-holes with a 3D optical measuring machine. The machine is able to perform optical measurement in three dimensions, so even heights can be measured with it. To expand the measurement possibilities, the multisensor function also allows tactile measurement.
We efficiently and accurately perform the measurement of electronic components, miniature, grooved pivots, and the inspection of injection tools in a 400 x 250 x 200 work area.

3D measuring arm
Our maximum category Creon measuring arm has a maximum measuring range of 2.5m. Carbon arms and wrist-mounted temperature sensors allow measurement accuracy of 0.03mm while utilizing the full measurement range. The measurement with this is accurate not only under laboratory conditions, but also in the manufacturing plants.
The measuring arm also includes a 3D scanner, with which it is possible to technically document parts. The scanned part is created by the software in STL format.

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